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Packages to tailor to your exact requirements.



We help you discover your way through life's highs and lows.

Seeking protection by great and legitimate methods, we set aside the dangers you face and consider the arrangements most appropriate to your necessities.

Vehicle Insurance

Your vehicle is a basic piece of your life.

We consider the numerous potential dangers that your vehicle is presented to and guarantee that it is adequately insured against particular unwanted circumstances.

With cover options from (but not limited to:)

  • Comprehensive, physical damage to your vehicle as well as third-party's property.

  • Damage to third-party property, fire & theft.

  • Third-party only.

Home Building Insurance.

Now to discuss your security in regards to the roof over your head!

To name a few examples of cover we can offer - against:

  • Natural disaster, namely; fire, lightning, storms, hail, snow, earthquakes.

  • Impact on buildings by; vehicles, animals, aerial debris.

  • Theft

  • Malicious damage,

and so the list continues.

Home Content Insurance

It is easy to underestimate the value of your home's contents.

Tragically, this can be a costly oversight, should something ever turn out badly.

We are here to assist you with making sure you are thoroughly insured.


Herewith we assist you in insuring, but again is not narrowed down to: 

  • Attire (clothes) - the garments you wear.

  • Furniture

  • Liability insurance cover options.

  • Theft


The opportunities are endless!



With an array of options to choose from.

Your business assets will be left secure & insured. Here are a few examples on how and what we can have insured on all your business assets.

None of which are limited to:

  • Insurance on fire-related damages.

  • Buildings combined, making sure your buildings and their contents are well cared for. 

  • Glass, breakage of glass isn't simply inconvenient, it opens your premises to additional hazards. 

  • Business interruption insurance, cover on running costs. Keep your business on the go until everything is back to normal.

  • Business All Risks cover on items worldwide.

  • Office contents.

  • Electronic Equipment

  • Machinery Breakdown

  • All sorts of vehicles

  • Goods that you may have in transit.

  • An entire line-up on other kinds of liability insurance.

  • Fidelity Insurance on employees, for particular forms of internal deception.

  • Plant All Risk

  • Contractor All Risk

Contact us today to learn about possible further insurance solutions for your business.

Farming & Agriculture


We make sure the assets in your agricultural interest and belongings are taken care of.

Especially in this essential, broad ranged, business environment.

We acknowledge as much as possible.

Assisting in insuring you against, also none of which are limited to:

  • Harm to your properties; with reference to buildings - sheds, tunnels, greenhouses, fences, cool rooms, contents, and stock.

  • Spread of fire you may be liable for.

  • Livestock. 

  • An entire line-up of liability insurance, from hunters to warehousemen.

  • Pivot irrigation systems,

  • Cover on all kinds of vehicles

  • Machinery breakdown

  • Electronic equipment

  • House contents

  • Goods in transit

... this is only to name a few!

"Jou plaas, maak vir ons en Namibië saak."



Namibia remains a tourist destination of choice for many foreign visitors. Over 1.5 million tourists visited Namibia in 2018, compared to roughly 1.49 million visitors who arrived in the country in 2017.

Therefore, this is most definitely a sector that needs exceptional attention.

Herewith includes, and yet again is not limited to:

  • Fire,  related risks can have devastating effects on your assets and in turn your business.

  • Guesthouses, Lodges, Hunting farms.

  • Business interruption, also refers to financial loss due to the interruption of, or interference with, your business activities, following a loss or damage for which you have claimed under a material damage section of the policy.

  • All types of vehicles

  • Money, cover for cash on your premises and or transfers.

  • Electronic equipment

  • A whole lot of sections in regards to liability insurance

  • Theft

  • Deterioration of stock

  • Fidelity on employees

  • Goods in transit for stock & groceries, as well as guest effects.

  • Passengers liability

Again, this is only to name a few examples.

Limitations are virtually endless.

With a load of exceptions and additional amendments that can be made to your schedule.

National Special Risks Insurance


Another addition to what we have to offer is cover against damage to property and consequential loss caused by:

  • Inter alia, riot or civil commotion; strikes. 

  • Lock outs and labour disturbance

  • Acts to overthrow or influence any State or Government or any local authority with force or by means of fear.

  • Acts with a political objective or to bring about social or economic change, or in protest against (authority) or for the purpose of inspiring fear in any section of the public.

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