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The Insurance Specialists

Committed to Superior Service

Seun Kesslau Insurance Brokers cc provides professional Short-Term Insurance advice and ensure peace of mind, especially at claim stage, that your financial interests are protected and cared for.


Each of our clients are unique. That’s why we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to offering insurance. We provide individual solutions for each of our clients and serve as advocates should you need to file a claim. Get in touch and find out why so many clients have turned to us for help and assurance since we first started operating in 2018.​




We opened our doors in November of 2018 with one broker and one administrator in a small office. Since then four experienced brokers joined the team in three different locations across Namibia.  


The company is registered as a Short-Term Insurance Brokerage at NAMFISA and member of the Namibian Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) as well as a proud supporter of the Insurance Institute of Namibia (IIN).

We work in collaboration with the following insurers:

  • Santam 

  • Hollard

  • Old Mutual

  • Momentum Short-Term Insurance

  • Western National

  • Special Risk Acceptance,

  • King Price and




An insurance broker deals with insurers on your behalf acting as an intermediary. Each insurer offers different products for personal insurance and a variety of commercial industries, each with its unique type of cover.


At first, insurance seems quite simple but the workings of the insurance industry are complex.

A broker helps you understand the full details of a policy, including the fine print.


When you feel unwell, you would want the best expert advice and medical assistance. You trust in your medical practitioner because he is a professional in his field of expertise. With brokers, it is the same.

When the worst happens, your business gets caught up in flames, you lead a financial loss and want to claim against your policy, you would want an expert you can trust to have your claim settled fairly and in a timely manner.


The core focus of a broker is to look after you and your assets. Unlike providers that focus on selling you any product, a broker puts your needs and interest first. The focus on your needs and interest rather than their own is what sets a broker apart from all other insurance options.


Brokers are licensed professionals and have a legal responsibility towards their clients. Short Term Insurance Brokers in Namibia are regulated by a Registrar, namely the Namibian Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA) according to the Short-term Insurance Act 4 of 1998. NAMFISA is responsible for promoting the maintenance of a fair, safe, and stable insurance market for the benefit and protection of policyholders. No person may carry on short-term insurance business in Namibia unless the person is registered to carry on such business.


So, whether it is home, car, life, or business insurance, brokers are the best, most trusted source of advice available to make sure you are properly protected.

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